Forum can deliver a range of benefits to our potential merger partner, including:

  • A flexible funding source through a unique structure that can be tailored to the company’s specific needs
  • Cash consideration to existing owners at the time of merger
  • Retained ownership for current shareholders; with the ability to retain significant equity upside and the ability to retain control of the public company post merger
  • Access to new sources of capital and public currency (listed stock) to fund expansion, make acquisitions or pay down debt
  • Public valuation without the restrictive, time consuming, costly and uncertain IPO process
  • Exposure to public investor community via a NASDAQ listing
  • Operational guidance and support to enhance growth and value creation
  • Strategic planning and governance as a public company
  • Access to Forum’s Management Team and Board of Directors’ breadth of expertise


Our team offers:

  • A team of experienced public market participants who can assist in the transition from private company to public company status
  • Experience across multiple industries, including Consumer Products, Health Care Services, Retail, Distribution, Energy, Financial Services, Industrial, Telecom, Media and Technology
  • Success building successful companies
  • Experience sourcing and closing acquisitions
  • Capital markets execution capabilities
  • Access to a deep and varied network of senior business leaders and influencers